Food Cost Spreadsheet

These are the controlling food expense by organizing your period end list. Managing your period end food inventory also food expense is important equally for the industry and also for the specialist standing. Maintaining the end of period food inventory orbits round 4 certain tasks: Validating transfer and credits, Acquiring items, validating the pre-closing inventory balance sheet, also verifying published items by using an excel spreadsheet. Organizing every procedure of this method is necessary to getting on best of your details.

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Make use of Excel To Validate The Inventory Balance Sheet

You can use the own Excel spreadsheet to verify your food inventory. Your free Food Cost Calculation File is an excellent inventory tool to use if you don’t have one already. Never leave your fate in someone else’s destiny. In other words, do not trust your accounting department to get your numbers right. Know what the beginning of inventory number is as well as your ending inventory number. Know your transfers or credits. Be aware of marketing events and comps which may have hurt your numbers. Enter all numbers to the spreadsheet to calculate your food cost.

Invoicing Methods

The numbers which the accounting department have will probably be different, but they should be close. If they aren’t close then you need to know the reason why. Do they have all transfer and credits? Is the accounting department acquiring invoices so that your budgetary monthly purchases reflect what is actually being brought into the restaurant for this month? Or are they simply paying invoices as they come across their desk and considering those paid invoices as your purchases for the month?

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